Note: Election results will begin to appear sometime after the election closes at 8:00 p.m.
Please note that all election results are unofficial until the results are canvassed.

Election results finalized by Municipal Board of Canvassing on Monday, April 8, 2019, as follows:

Official Election Results
Alderperson District 1William J. Siebers  
2 of 2 wards507 vote(s) Details
Alderperson District 3Brad FirkusRyan Kubat 
4 of 4 wards505 vote(s)272 vote(s)Details
Alderperson District 5Katie Van Zeeland  
4 of 4 wards627 vote(s) Details
Alderperson District 7Maiyoua ThaoJohn Cuff 
6 of 6 wards596 vote(s)556 vote(s)Details
Alderperson District 9Alex SchultzBob Baker 
4 of 4 wards469 vote(s)219 vote(s)Details
Alderperson District 11Patti S. Coenen  
4 of 4 wards439 vote(s) Details
Alderperson District 13Walter Burt BlankKyle Lobner 
5 of 5 wards464 vote(s)536 vote(s)Details
Alderperson District 15Keir Dvorachek  
3 of 3 wards585 vote(s) Details

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